Chapter Leadership

If you are interested in serving on one of these committees or on Council, complete the Maine Chapter Volunteer Form.

or contact the Maine Chapter Office at (207) 592-5725, or email us.

Executive Council

None at this time.


Association of Women Surgeons

None at this time.


Board of Governors

Board Members

Damien Carter, MD, FACS - President

Bruce Chung, MD, FACS - Vice President

Samira Hasan, DO, FACS - Secretary/Treasurer

Amy Tan, MD, FACS - Immediate Past President

G. Tom Marshall, MD, FACS - Governor

Laura Withers, MD, FACS - Councilor

Tim Fitzgerald, MD, FACS - Councilor

Richard Royal, MD, FACS - Chair of State Commission on Cancer

Amy Fenwick, MD, FACS - Chair of State Committee on Trauma






Commission on Cancer Liaison

Chair of State Commission

Richard Royal, MD, FACS


Committee on Trauma

Chair of State Committee

Amy Fenwick, MD, FACS


Committee on Applicants

Committee Members

M. Parker Roberts, MD, FACS, FASCRS - Chair

Mark Augustine Grant, MBBS FACS

Rodney Harold Lahren, MD FACS

Kimberly A. Lieber, MD FACS

Gregory Thomas Marshall, MD FACS

Michael Ray Starks, MD FACS

Amy Elizabeth Tan, MD FACS

Damien Carter, MD, FACS


Past Presidents

Immediate Past Presidents

Amy Tan, MD, FACS

Jamie Loggins, MD, FACS

M. Parker Roberts, MD, FACS