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The Maine Chapter, ACS would like to invite you to become a member! It's your membership that will continue to let the Chapter focus on important issues facing Maine surgeons.

With your Maine Chapter membership you will receive outstanding member benefits such as E-News, our monthly email which features articles on current topics, and event information, and Pulse NOW!, a monthly fax newsletter that brings you up-to-date legislative details. Members also have access to the Maine Chapter website with special areas for surgeons and consumers, as well as an online expanded membership directory.

The "Find a Surgeon" feature affords all visitors to the website the ability to locate a surgeon in their area. As the Maine Chapter, ACS is a common source for Maine surgery inquiries, what better place to find a surgeon who takes their profession seriously? It is our hope that this new feature will act as a big benefit that will manifest itself in patient referrals and giving our fellows a leg up on non-member Maine surgeons.

Types of Membership

The following is a list of our current membership categories and its related affordable pricing, with a brief description of each category.

Fellow - $150   |    Fellow Benefits
Must have met all of the requirements and been formally admitted into Fellowship of the American College of Surgeons.

Associate Fellow - $100   |    Associate Fellow Benefits
Must be recognized by the American College of Surgeons as an Associate Fellow.

Affiliate - $100   |    Affiliate Benefits
Non-FACS Physician, Allied Health Care Professionals, and Nurses.

Retired - $50   |   Retired Fellow Benefits
Must have been granted retired status by the American College of Surgeons.

Resident - $0   |   Resident Benefits
Surgical residents and surgeons in research or surgical fellowship programs who meet the American College of Surgeons requirements for participation.

Medical Students - $0   |    Medical Student Benefits
Medical students in accredited allopathic or osteopathic medical schools, who meet meet the American College of Surgeons requirements for participation.

Membership Year

The membership year runs from January 1 to December 31.


Join today to support the Chapter and help keep it strong and growing, so please take a few moments to sign up today! It’s your membership that will continue to permit the Chapter to focus on important issues facing Maine surgeons.


For your convenience, Maine Chapter offers a secure online membership process. To access the online application, simply click the link below.

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Once you have completed registering your membership online, you will receive two confirmations. The first confirmation will be your online confirmation. This confirmation will contain a summary of your online application and your member confirmation letter. The second confirmation will be your online credit card receipt. Please print both emails and keep them for your documentation.

Mail or Fax

How to Join by Mail or Fax
1.    Download  MEACS Application
2.    Enter your information on the form.
3.    Send it to the Maine Chapter Office by mail or fax:
a.    Fax form to (207) 352-5555
b.    Mail form to: Maine Chapter, ACS, PO Box 190, Manchester, ME  04351

To become a member, please complete the  application and return it with payment to the address or fax number on the application form. Once the Executive Office has processed your membership, you will receive an email with membership information.


Need an invoice to submit to your institution to pay for your chapter membership?  Contact for a copy of your invoice.